SWML 2017 Finals

Dear parents and swimmers,

2017 SWML finals

Please find attached the list of our SWML finalists, who have qualified to swim in Omagh on Sunday, 14th of May. Can you please check the list and if your child is unable to attend the finals, let us know as soon as you can, so that we can get back to the other clubs and the next swimmer on the list is able to swim in their place.


Please note that the following swimmers are RESERVES and will ONLY be required to swim the stroke in the brackets if one of the 6 finalists is unable to attend.



Oscar Longmore (butterfly)

Orlaith Redmond (breast stroke)



Ava Owens (breast stroke)

Noah O’Sullivan (butterfly)

Steven McCullagh (frontcrawl)



Sophie Alexander (breast stroke)

Sean Glennon (breast stroke)

Ava Sherridan (butterfly)



Olivia McCabe (breast stroke)

Leanne Ledwith (frontcrawl)

Finn Munnelly (butterfly)


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Can we please ask girls to bring buns and boys to bring sandwiches, but there is no need to go mad, as each club feeds their own swimmers!


Looking forward to seeing you in Omagh.