General Club Rules

General Rules for East Cavan Swim Club

The aim of our club is not solely for competitive purposes. We see the main benefits of being a member of the club as improving overall fitness, social integration with their peers and being aware of the fact that it is the taking part that counts, winning is not the most important thing. Participation in the Swim Club lays down the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.


  • The Club shall be affiliated to Swim Ireland and therefore will abide by Swim Ireland rules, Child protection policies and accepts their Code of Ethics and Good practice in Children’s Sport.


  • To join the Club, swimmers have to be competent in all strokes and be assessed by coaching staff.


  • Parents must ensure that an emergency contact number is kept on file for use if required during training sessions.


  • Members must attend training sessions regularly, be punctual and show commitment to the training regime. They are expected to attend for their session 5 minutes before start time, on poolside ready to swim.
  • As there is a great demand on Club membership, very irregular attendance to training sessions could result in swimmers losing their place in Club.
  • Members and Parents should check the Club notice board at all training sessions for any relevant notices e.g. upcoming events, swimming times etc.
  • Where parents “drop off” their children at the Leisure Centre for a training session, they must understand that the Club will only be responsible for their children during their swimming session time. Parents must ensure prompt collection of their children at the end of the session.
  • The eligibility of members to take part in competitions is at the discretion of the coaches.
  • For competition entries to be submitted to relevant Gala organisers the following applies: Parents will be given details of the event(s) along with an entry form. This has to be completed and returned along with any fees due by a specified date or entries will not be submitted. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child’s entry is returned in sufficient time.
  • Members must have written consent from parents if the wish to go on any Club outings. Consent forms with any relevant health details need to be signed by parent(s) and returned to Secretary before any away trips, together with any costs set out.
  • Parents will be notified of departure and return times if transport is arranged for an away gala or trip. These are expected to be adhered to. If your child / children are late for departure the Club accepts no responsibility for them being left behind.
  • On return Parents must be there to collect them at appointed time. If children are to be allowed to make their own way home written notification from a parent must be given to a committee member. Any child under 10yrs should be accompanied by an adult, either a parent or other designated adult.
  • Two male and two female adults will accompany members on all away trips where transport is provided.
  • If group transport is not arranged, parents will be informed and they will be responsible for the transportation of their children to and from events. Any parents with difficulties organising transport can contact the Club Secretary.


  • All members will be given a copy of the Club rules. Parents and members must sign a declaration that they understand and accept the rules before renewing / taking membership.


  • Members must obey all directions from coaches and designated committee members at all times. They must listen attentively and follow instructions given. Failure to adhere to rule and regulations may result in a swimmers dismissal.


  • The Coaching staff have a right to remove a swimmer from a session who is not following the rules. Parents will be notified if this happens.  The swimmer will wait with supervision, in the reception area until a parent or designated person collects them.