Trojan Gala 12th April 2015 NAC Dublin

Trojan Gala 2015 – East Cavan results

PTL East Cavan vs City of Belfast 21st Feb 2015

PTL V City of Belfast 21-02-2015

PTL East Cavan vs Strule Dolphins, Omagh 24th Jan 2015

PTL V Omagh 24-01-2015



PTL East Cavan vs Alliance 22nd Nov 2014

PTL V Alliance 22-11-2014

SWML East Cavan Vs Strule Dolphins

10th Jan 2015

East Cavan V Omagh 10.1.15 Results


PTL East Cavan vs Olympia

8th November 2014

PTL V Olympia 08-11-2014


PTL East Cavan Vs Mid Ulster

27th September 2014

Results East Cavan V Mid Ulster 2014-2015



Aerlingus Gala 3rd & 4th May

Leinster Open / Graded Gala 11th May

Antrim Championships 10th May

Ards Junior Open 17th May

May 2014 Galas Report


SWML Finals Results 6th April 2014

SWML FINALS Results 2014


Results for SWML V Sligo 16th March 2014

East Cavan V_Sligo March 16th 2014

Results for PTL Area Heats 8th March 2014

PTL area heats Results 2014

Results for the PTL meet with Lecale Swim Club, 22nd February 2014

PTL V Lecale 22-02-2014

Here are the Results for our meet against Marlins Swim Club on 2nd February.

Result East Cavan V Marlins 2.2.14 SWML

Results for the PTL Meet with Strule Dolphins (Omagh), 25th January 2014.

PTL V Omagh 25-01-2014

Club Results for the Leinster Graded Gala, 19th January 2014

Leinster Graded Gala Jan 19th 2014

Club Results for the Leinster Distance Gala, 18th January 2014.

Leinster Distance Gala Jan 18th 2014

Results for the PTL Meet held on 7th December, East Cavan Vs Mid Ulster Swim Club. PTLScore sheet – East Cavan_TA18.12.13

Results for the PTL Meet held on 28th October, East Cavan vs Olympia   PTL East Cavan V Olympia SC 2013 Final

Results for the Leinster Graded Gala 20th October 2013, well done to all swimmers. Results Leinster Graded Gala Oct 2013

Our Club results from the NAC / Cormorants Gala 6th October 2013 can be found here, well done to all. NAC – Cormorants Gala 2013 Results